Rated 4 out of 5
February 6, 2017

Dian, a four years old girl, found herself very happy to be able drawing on the wall. But not with her mother, because Dian’s drawing makes the wall dirty. She then bought her a drawing book and colored pencils.
However, Dian is never satisfy. Her creativity cannot be limited by a drawing book. One day, Dian draw on the wall again and this time with a unique way: under the bed, with the thought that it covered by the bed. Will her mother ever find Dian’s secret masterpiece?
In the midst of digital application world, Dian Hadiani encourages the children to take a break from the gadget and to do creativity in more earthly-natural ways. Also, Dian takes us–the parents–to remember our childhood and giggle about it. She also notes that the children need full support from the parent in many ways.
Written in English and easy to read by the children, it’s a true experience of the author with her own illustrations. Very interesting and good reading for children and parents. Highly recommended!

Wahyu Hidayat